OJLS Speech Contest Winners

The OJLS would like to congratulate all the winners of the first Speech Contest. They are as follows

For the Heritage Language Category:

  • In first place, Tomoharu Renaud Usami (Grade 5)
  • In second place, Miyuri Vennos(Grade 5)
  • In third place, Tabisa Watanabe (Grade 6)
  • For the judge’s award, Sheena Kishida (Grade 3)

For the Non-Heritage,
Youth and Adult Beginner Category

  • In first place, Rachel Bainbridge-Sedivy (Youth2)
  • In second place, Kyana Kama(Youth1)
  • In third place, Corey Burke(Beginner 1)
  • For the judge’s awards, Arine Karapetyan (Youth1)
  • and, Adnan Abidi (Beginner 1)

Non-Heritage Language/ Intermediate and Advanced category:

  • In first place, Leyla Rivet (Youth3)
  • In second place, Lea Hamilton ( Intermediate2)
  • In third place, Madiline Blondin ( Youth3)

The overall winner of the contest,

  • Grand Prize - Adam Mahon (Advanced2)

OJLS would also like to thank our judges, sponsors and staff members who have made all of this possible.

Teachers & StaffJudges