About the Web Site

This third version of the OJLS Web site, published in May 2009, was designed and developed by Rémi Plourde with technical feedback by Tom Strang, who wrote the previous version of the Web site.  Both of them form the Web site committee part of the board of directors.

The Web site is powered by Drupal with some third-party modules.  The jQuery JavaScript library with the Curvy Corners script is used to draw rounded corners on some elements found on some pages among the site.  The social networking badges on the front page are provided for free by Komodo Media.  The images displayed in the header and the sidebar of the site were taken by Rémi Plourde and Tom Strang, and are used with their permission.

The information presented on this site is based on the school's orientation manual, available upon request.  We do our best to keep the site updated to match the most recent edition of the manual, but if information on the site differs from the orientation manual, the later prevails.

If you have any questions or feedback about the site, please use our contact form.